Heirloom Medicinal and Cooking Herb Seeds 27 Varieties – Non-Hybrid and No Chemicals and Non-GMO Survival Garden Seed Bank



  • WHATS INCLUDED: 27 Individually labeled seed packs. Over 12,000 seeds In the bag.
  • WHAT SEEDS: Anise Chives Hyssop Arugula Cilantro Slow Bolt Oregano Italian Basil GENOVESE Curled Cress Parsley Italian Flat Basil Italian Large Leaf Dill Bouquet Sage Broad Leaf Caraway Dill Mammoth St Johns Wort Catnip Echinacea Thyme Common Chamomile German Fennel Florence Chervil Curled Fenugreek Lavender Lemon Balm Marjoram Mint Rosemary Sage Summer Savory
  • All Natural – Heirloom Seed Packs Heirloom (Open Pollinated) Germination Stable Our seeds are grown on Our Own Private 5 Acre Farm. Located in Southern Utah.
  • Our farm is 100% green and off the grid. Only wind and solar are used for processing. Our farm uses Liqui-Dirt to promote stronger seeds and faster germination.
  • Our seeds are never kiln dried. We Process all seeds for quality. Our seeds germination rate meets or exceeds federal seed standards.
  • No chemicals, pesticides or weed killers are ever used on our farm. (Chemical Free 0-Harm)
  • Our seeds are NON-GMO, NON-Hybrid Our seeds are zoned for all of USA.

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